Intraday/S.Delivery Tips for 12/12/2023: Cash Segment Analysis for VOLTAS, MUTHOOTFIN, BSOFT, and HDFCLIFE




This information is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Trading in the stock market involves inherent risks, and you should always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. I am not a SEBI-registered analyst, and this information is based on my own research and analysis. Please exercise caution and watch for buyer/seller quantity before making any trades.


Stock Buy Range Sell Range
VOLTAS 827.02 – 843.56 863.08 – 880.34
MUTHOOTFIN 1403.27 – 1431.33 1459.65 – 1488.84
BSOFT 640.82 – 653.63 668.15 – 681.51
HDFCLIFE 652.92 – 665.90 680.50 – 694.11


  • Technical Analysis:

    • The stock is currently in a consolidation phase, trading within a range of 827.02 – 843.56.
    • A breakout above the 843.56 resistance level could lead to further gains towards 863.08 – 880.34.
    • Conversely, a breakdown below the 827.02 support level could result in a decline towards 806.75 – 789.20.
    • Key technical indicators like the RSI and MACD are suggesting a neutral sentiment.
  • Fundamental Analysis:

    • Voltas is a leading Indian player in the consumer durables and engineering sectors, with a strong track record of profitability and growth.
    • The company is well-positioned to benefit from the increasing demand for air conditioners, refrigerators, and other consumer durables in India.
    • However, the upcoming festive season could lead to increased competition and margin pressure.


  • Technical Analysis:

    • The stock is currently trading in a strong uptrend, having recently broken above its resistance level of 1403.27.
    • This breakout suggests a potential move towards 1459.65 – 1488.84.
    • The RSI and MACD indicators are both trending upwards, confirming the bullish momentum.
    • However, a pullback towards 1383.04 – 1362.83 could occur in the short term.
  • Fundamental Analysis:

    • Muthoot Finance is a leading gold loan company in India, with a large network of branches and a diversified loan portfolio.
    • The company has been consistently reporting strong financial performance, driven by robust gold loan demand.
    • However, rising gold prices and interest rate hikes could pose challenges to the company’s future growth.


  • Technical Analysis:

    • The stock has been trading in a range between 640.82 and 653.63 for the past few days.
    • A breakout above this range could lead to a move towards 668.15 – 681.51.
    • Conversely, a breakdown below the 640.82 support level could trigger a decline towards 620.54 – 600.27.
    • The technical indicators are suggesting a sideways movement in the short term.
  • Fundamental Analysis:

    • BSOFT is a leading IT solutions provider in India, offering services such as software development, application management, and cloud computing.
    • The company has been focusing on expanding its digital business and has witnessed healthy growth in recent quarters.
    • However, the global economic slowdown and potential project delays could impact the company’s future performance.


  • Technical Analysis:
    • The stock has been consolidating within a range of 652.92 – 665.90 in recent sessions.
    • A breakout above this range could lead to a move towards 680.50 – 694.11.
    • A breakdown below the 652.92 support level could trigger a decline towards 635.34 – 617.75.
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