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Noise Pollution in Pune: MPCB Must Take Immediate Action

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Noise Pollution in Pune: MPCB Must Take Immediate Action

Pune, Maharashtra, India: The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) has been under fire from citizens for its handling of noise pollution in Pune. Residents have complained about noise pollution from festival celebrations, late-night revelry in pubs, and various other sources. However, the MPCB website has failed to provide the latest reports on noise pollution, leaving citizens in the dark about the current situation.

This lack of transparency raises questions about the board’s commitment to addressing the issue. Citizens are also concerned about the MPCB’s reliance on limited and outdated noise monitoring devices, which are often unable to accurately measure noise levels, especially in crowded areas like pubs and bars. This makes it difficult to identify and prosecute offenders.

In addition, the MPCB has been criticized for not taking swift and strict action against establishments that consistently flout noise pollution norms. This leniency emboldens offenders and undermines the effectiveness of existing regulations. With festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri around the corner, citizens fear that the MPCB will fail to enforce noise pollution rules once again.

Citizens of Pune demand that the MPCB take immediate action to address the concerns surrounding noise pollution. The board must:

  • Update noise pollution data on the MPCB website immediately to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Deploy additional, modern noise monitoring devices in areas prone to high noise levels, such as pubs and bars.
  • Regularly share noise pollution data with the public through various platforms, including social media and local newspapers.
  • Strictly enforce noise pollution norms, including fines and legal action against repeat offenders.
  • Collaborate with local authorities and community leaders to educate the public about the importance of noise pollution control and encourage responsible behavior during celebrations.
  • Adopt innovative strategies, such as “no honking” zones and designated quiet hours, to minimize noise pollution during peak hours.
  • Encourage sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly sound systems and promoting carpooling, to reduce noise pollution during festivals and other events.

The MPCB must prioritize the well-being of its citizens by ensuring transparency, upgrading monitoring devices, and strictly enforcing noise pollution norms. By doing so, the MPCB can help create a cleaner, greener, and healthier environment for all.

Link to MPCB website: https://mpcb.gov.in/noise-pollution


  • Reports have not been uploaded since 2020.
  • MPCB twitter handle doesnot display of any ongoing work / actions rather only what citizens should do.

These observations further highlight the need for immediate action from the MPCB. The board must prioritize the issue of noise pollution and take steps to address the concerns of its citizens.

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