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Pune E-Stock Broking IPO GMP: Did You Miss the Boat ?

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Pune E-Stock Broking’s initial public offering (IPO) created a buzz in March 2024. As an SME IPO on the BSE, it attracted interest from retail investors and other market participants. A key factor in such anticipation is the Grey Market Premium (GMP).

Understanding GMP

GMP refers to the unofficial premium at which shares of an unlisted company trade in the grey market. It’s essentially an indicator of investor sentiment, reflecting their willingness to pay above the IPO price. While not a guarantee of listing gains, a high GMP suggests potential for a strong listing.

Pune E-Stock Broking IPO GMP – A Look Back

News reports in March 2024 indicated that Pune E-Stock Broking’s GMP fluctuated throughout the subscription period. Some sources reported a GMP as high as ₹90, while others pegged it at around ₹40 by listing day. This suggests a mixed sentiment, with some investors expecting significant gains and others taking a more cautious approach.

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Did the IPO Live Up to the Hype?

Unfortunately, since your query is today, June 2nd, 2024, information about the actual listing price isn’t readily available without specifically searching for news articles from March 2024. To find out if the IPO price reflected the anticipated GMP, you can search for articles around “Pune E-Stock Broking IPO listing” or “Pune E-Stock Broking share price on listing day”.


While GMP can provide insights into investor sentiment, it’s not a foolproof way to predict listing gains. Thorough research into the company’s financials and future prospects is crucial before making any investment decisions.

Remember: The Pune E-Stock Broking IPO is a past event, and this article is for informational purposes only.

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