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Introduction: Punjab Dakh, a weather forecast service, has been providing farmers with accurate weather predictions since 2013. It started with the creation of WhatsApp groups in 36 districts of Maharashtra and has since grown to include approximately 800 WhatsApp groups, reaching up to 20 million farmers. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of Punjab Dakh’s WhatsApp groups, how they work, and how farmers benefit from them.

How it Works: Punjab Dakh provides farmers with real-time weather updates, helping them plan and manage their crops accordingly. The service uses advanced technology and expertise to deliver accurate weather forecasts, ensuring that farmers are informed and prepared for any weather-related challenges. The WhatsApp groups serve as a means of communication between farmers and the Punjab Dakh team, allowing for quick and efficient dissemination of information.

Benefits for Farmers: Farmers have to deal with various weather-related issues such as drought, flood, hailstorm, and cyclones. Inaccurate weather predictions can lead to significant losses and financial hardships for farmers. By providing reliable weather predictions, Punjab Dakh helps farmers plan and prepare for such events, ultimately reducing their risk and losses.

Moreover, the Punjab Dakh service is available to farmers free of cost, making it easily accessible to small-scale farmers who might not have the resources to subscribe to other weather forecast services. The service is also available in regional languages, making it easier for farmers to understand and apply the weather predictions to their farming practices.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the creation of Punjab Dakh’s WhatsApp groups has proved to be a game-changer for farmers in Maharashtra. The service has provided farmers with accurate weather predictions, enabling them to plan and manage their crops better. The service has also been instrumental in helping farmers reduce their losses due to weather-related events. With its continued growth and expansion, Punjab Dakh is poised to continue benefiting farmers in Maharashtra and beyond.

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