Senior BJP Leader Vijay Goel Addresses Stray Dog Menace Concerns in Pune-based Housing Society


Senior BJP Leader Vijay Goel Addresses Stray Dog Menace Concerns in Pune-based Housing Society

Pune: Senior BJP leader and former union Minister Vijay Goel, who has been spearheading a movement against the stray dog menace in Delhi, addressed the similar concerns of a Pune based housing society, which has been fighting the issue for last several years. Brahma SunCity, a Society in Pune has been facing the stray dog menace for the last so many years. In last decade, the stray dog population has increased from 7 odd dogs to over 60-70 dogs. Not only it shows the failure of the PMC on lack of sterilization drives but also how these dogs were being illegally relocated into the premises and breeding.

The society was infested with ticks, dogs were defecating everywhere, playgrounds, parks, walkways, swimming pool, parking areas all were captured by the dogs and residents were being attacked repeatedly. After a small child was attacked by a pack of stray dogs being fed inside the premises on 7th Feb 2023 and suffered a category 3 bite, the PMC removed the aggressive stray dogs from the premises. An NGO activist who does not even reside in the society premises got an order from the Bombay HC to release the dogs inside, citing the ABC Rules. When the HC allowed the same, the society approached the Apex court and got a stay on the HC order. They are not joined by multiple intervenors across India who are suffering with similar issues. Shri Vijay Goel has been a member of Parliament and is a representative of citizens who is spearheading a campaign on the issue of protection of citizens from stray dog attacks as well as the protection of homeless dogs.

Seeing his movement, BramhaSuncity resident, Nagendra Rampuria visited him in Delhi to apprise him about the issues faces by the society due to the stray dog menace in a hope to get some solution to resolve Animal Human conflicts. Today, Shri Vijay Goel during his visit to Pune, visited the BramhaSuncity, along with the former BJP city Unit President Shri Jagdish Mulik and Ex PMC Standing committee Chairman Shri Yogesh Mulik. The Mulik brothers have been instrumental in addressing the issues and blockers related to the stray dog menace in and around Wadgaonsheri. “There is a need of 10-point program that needs to be implemented to address the issues which include 100 percent sterilization of stray dogs, the dogs should be administered for anti-rabies injection, permanent shelter homes for stray dogs, deal with the dogs who frequently bite, an efficient dog adoption policy, government should provide compensation & free treatment to the dog bite victims,”


were some of the points asserted Shri Goel while addressing the residents. At the end the residents opened about their challenges related to safety, health and most importantly the harassment due to the false cases being filed by the dog feeders. There were nearly 500 residents including senior citizens, mothers, children, and Society staff who had come from different societies of Pune as well as Mumbai to discuss their challenges and join BramhaSuncity in approaching the Hon’ble Supreme Court and make their voice and concerns on the issue heard, to protect the fundamental right to life of citizens as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

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