Pune, Gear Up for Adventure: Exploring the Toyota Hyryder’s On-Road Price

Toyota Hyryder on Road Price Pune
Toyota Hyryder on Road Price Pune

Get Rolling with Style: Unpacking the On-Road Price of Toyota Hyryder in Pune

Toyota Hyryder on Road Price Pune : Calling all Punekars with a thirst for adventure and a discerning eye for style! The much-anticipated Toyota Hyryder, a hybrid marvel blending SUV prowess with fuel efficiency, has finally arrived. But before you embark on your test drive, let’s delve into the crucial question: what’s the on-road price of the Hyryder in Pune?

Buckle Up:

First things first, the Hyryder isn’t just one car; it’s a family of possibilities. From the mild hybrid to the strong hybrid and the CNG variant, it caters to diverse needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the starting on-road prices in Pune (as of October 26, 2023):

  • Toyota Hyryder E – Mild Hybrid: Starts at ₹13.27 Lakh
  • Toyota Hyryder G/V – Mild Hybrid: Starts at ₹14.59 Lakh – ₹15.71 Lakh
  • Toyota Hyryder S – Mild Hybrid: Starts at ₹16.42 Lakh
  • Toyota Hyryder V – Strong Hybrid: Starts at ₹19.76 Lakh
  • Toyota Hyryder S – CNG: Starts at ₹15.71 Lakh

Remember: These are starting prices. The final on-road price can vary depending on the variant, chosen features, insurance, registration charges, and other factors.

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Unveiling the Layers:

So, what exactly goes into the on-road price? Here’s a peek:

  • Ex-showroom Price: This is the base price of the car set by the manufacturer.
  • Road Tax: This varies depending on the state and engine capacity. In Pune, it ranges from 9% to 13%.
  • Registration Charges: These include fees for registration certificate, number plate, and other miscellaneous charges.
  • Insurance: Premiums depend on your chosen coverage, car variant, and your driving history.
  • Fastag: This mandatory tag for electronic toll collection adds a small fee.

Beyond the Numbers:

While the on-road price is crucial, remember that the Hyryder offers much more than just a price tag. Here are some of its key features:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Choose from the dynamic options of mild hybrid, strong hybrid, and CNG, each promising impressive fuel economy.
  • Performance: With peppy engines and smooth handling, the Hyryder is ready to conquer city streets and weekend getaways alike.
  • Style: Sleek design, comfortable interiors, and modern features make every drive a delight.
  • Safety: Loaded with advanced safety features, the Hyryder prioritizes your well-being.

The Final Lap:

Whether you’re a city commuter, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a balance between style and practicality, the Toyota Hyryder is worth considering. Visit your nearest Toyota dealership in Pune for a test drive and get a personalized quote to understand the on-road price that fits your budget and needs. Happy driving!

Bonus Tip: Explore online resources like CarWale, ZigWheels, and CarDekho for detailed price comparisons, reviews, and user experiences to make an informed decision.

Disclaimer: Please note that the exact on-road prices may vary depending on the latest updates and dealership offers. It’s always best to confirm the final price directly with the dealership.

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