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Pune Airport Name : Unveiling the Mystery Behind its Two Names

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Pune Airport Name : Unveiling its Different Names

Pune, a vibrant city in Maharashtra, boasts an international airport that caters to both domestic and international travelers. But you might be surprised to learn that this airport has a couple of names! Let’s delve into the identities of Pune’s aerial gateway.

Officially Known As:

The official name of the airport is Pune International Airport. This is the moniker used in official communication and flight bookings. It also has a designated code – PNQ – used for flight identification purposes.

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Pune Lohegaon Airport – A Common Nickname:

Another widely used name is Pune Lohegaon Airport. This name reflects the airport’s location in the Lohegaon area of Pune. “Lohegaon” is often used interchangeably with “Pune” when referring to the airport.

Why the Dual Identity?

The airport’s location plays a key role in its dual naming. It shares its space with the Lohegaon Air Force Station of the Indian Air Force. Therefore, “Pune Lohegaon Airport” acknowledges both the civilian and military functions of the facility.

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New Pune Airport on the Horizon

It’s important to note that Pune is expecting a brand new international airport in the near future. The Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje International Airport, also known as Purandar Airport, is currently under construction. This new airport will likely take over most of the civilian air traffic, while the existing Pune International Airport might cater primarily to the Air Force.

So, next time you’re booking a flight to Pune, you’ll likely encounter the name Pune International Airport or PNQ. But don’t be surprised if you hear it referred to as Pune Lohegaon Airport as well!

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